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Chimaera's Lair

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All Members , Moderated
Hello all--

This community welcomes anyone interested in BTVS/AtS RPG online. We welcome both canon and original characters.

The community is moderated by Rupert Giles.

Community Rules:

1) All new members/characters must be approved by the mod in advance.

2) We're here to have fun. Let's treat one another with respect and courtesy. No flaming, harassing, insulting other community members or any livejournal users.

(If a character of yours is in an IC dialogue with another player's character and you both agree to be hostile, argue, etc. that's fine.
OOC rudeness or abuse is not.)

The moderator will be available to help with any IC or OOC issues.

Repeated or severe offenses by a player may result in expulsion from this community, at moderator's discretion. Membership in any community is a privilege, not a right.

3) Do not assume control of another person's character without the player's permission. If you want to write someone else's character into a plot of yours, ask first. The Mun who plays the affected character has final say in what happens with that character.

4)We ask that you post in the community at least once a week - more is

( We're not looking to boot people who hit RL problems. I understand that you all have other concerns and responsibilities. If you need to leave temporarily please tell me. We'll try our best to help you work something out even if you have to go offline altogether for a while.

If it's simply that you've decided to quit, be up front about that. It happens. Disappearing and not posting instead, can tie up other players. Please don't stop playing your character without telling the Mod.

If I don't hear from a player and they don't post in the community journals or their own journal for three weeks straight, I will try to contact the player to ask what's going on. Should we not hear from the person, after 4 weeks' non-participation, a character may be recast. )

5) No Mun who has not posted regularly more than once a week for three months will be permitted to take on an additional character.

6) We have varied characters, and players who write different kinds of material.
Some of us are comedic writers; some prefer to keep to R rated or lower, while others enjoy NC17; others tend to write angst or action, strictly canon, or strictly original characters and plots.

No one has to write or participate in anything that makes them uncomfortable. We ask that graphic or NC17 material be posted in member journals only, not the community journal, and put under a cut tag as a warning label.

There are two absolute posting restrictions on adult content for this community:

1) no depictions of underage sexual activity, either abusive or consensual.
If you're writing about a character that's under the age of consent,
you do not go there. Fictional or not, we have laws to follow, and child porn even on the 'Net is a major no-no.

2) no story lines/posts that endorse abuse of any kind, without consequences, toward adults or children of either gender.

Examples for clarification: The infamous Spike/Buffy attempted rape scene
in the "Seeing Red" episode of BTVS season six would not be considered a breach of rule#2, because it showed clearly that Spike's actions were NOT considered acceptable.

However, a scene in which Spike did assault Buffy (or assault/or seduce Dawn), and was not penalized for it, in fact was said to have "won them over/ got them to see reason" , would be against the rule.

Our other communities are: house_of_shadow, which we use for OOC planning and communication; cl_studio, for members who want new icons or help adapting current ones, and Chimaera Digest, which reports the News of events in our members' journals. There is also a sister community, chaosverse, for other creative genres such as poetry, fanfic,original stories, songs, etc as well as plots that may be AU to the Chimaera's Lair current storylines.

The cast list for Chimaera's Lair can be found here.

Last but not least, thanks to t_t_tara, grant_douglas, muzakgurrl and the folks at
cl_studio and buffy_icons for some of our great
graphics and icons!