New Beginnings

*It's a cloudy and rainy night in Maine. A lonely figure gazes thoughtfully out the window of his Old House on the Collinwood Estate.*

My cousin Quentin has invited me to come out and visit his home. If everything goes smoothly. My servant and I shall hopefully be travelling to Southern California very shortly.

Willie is finishing up all the preparations. Despite not wanting to leave Collinsport. He goes where I go.

I told him not to worry about Maggie or the others. Julia will be keeping an eye on things. And like I've told him before. No matter the time away, some things never changes. Such as Quentin or myself. Collinwood and my Old House shall long endure all the trials and tribulations that fate may bring.

So I reassured Willie that we shall return one day. Once the most recent troubles have been forgotten. Til then we will say our goodbye's to those we cherish most and carry on elsewhere.
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This computer has programmed to download to the master computer in Newlands North at intervals.

It has what almost amounts to a compulsion to gossip.

The operative and his Minions have hardly touched it, since that happened.

It was once programmed to find a talisman wearer but now it has different ... you could almost call it, "needs".

This computer has been seeking contact with its mobile unit with increasing energy for some time.

Somewhere, somewhere not in this dimension, the mobile unit has been turned on for a few moments; not long enough to get a fix, but lights on the computer flicker. Here, we might call it a yellow alert.

The Computer starts to buzz, and for a second a sign saying that the Thursal has committed an illegal operation flickers on-screen. Then contact is made with the LAN and the interdimensional data upload begins.
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nights like this

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Agent Gates made a fascinating find down by the Fish Tank Bar. A youth had two tiny creatures that looked very like the illustrations of Lovecraft's Cthulhu! Gates claimed that he bought them rather than simply requisitioned them, of course. I hope that was the truth. We are a classified project and he is often rather too militaristic.
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Keeping slim really isn't easy when you have a teenage daughter. I wonder if Buffy and Riley have broken up?
Buffy hasn't finished the chocolate chip ice cream and now there's a huge container of Neapolitan here. I'd really be doing her a favor if I ate just a little of the chocolate. She shouldn't have so many calories - and neither should I.

I really ought to concentrate on re-ordering. Those masks haven't sold and the ebony figures are slow, too.
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This Bookshelf is a restricted area. Authorised staff only


From Go-Quiz.com

Not that I expect that to help during a post-holiday sale.

How on earth did Anya manage to get at "Mindcontrol for Dummies"? At least I realised what was happening before it was sold to Mrs Adams as a self-help book! Her husband appears to have problems enough...
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